Hi, I'm Mahdi
A photographer & traveler based in Canada

It all began as I prepared to embark on my graduate studies in South Africa. Eager to capture the moments of my journey, I acquired my very first camera. After completing my program in South Africa, destiny led me to Canada's oldest city - St. John's - where I pursued further education at Memorial University. It was here, amidst the warmth of the generous people, vibrant culture, and stunning coastline of Newfoundland, that my interest in photography blossomed into an undeniable passion.

The rugged landscapes, the kaleidoscope of colorful houses, and fascinating locals ignited a fire within me to refine my skills and better preserve the beauty that surrounded me. Thus, my journey as a photographer took flight.

Presently, I find myself adventuring through remote corners of Canada, immersing in its untouched wonders, and crafting indelible memories through the lens of my camaera. Each click of the shutter allows me to capture the essence of these landscapes and preserve the spirit of my travels.

Join me as I continue to seek new horizons, unravel untold stories, and share my visual journey with you.


I've teamed up with various local businesses across Canada to highlight their unique products and services through my photography work.

”Mahdi is an excellent photographer. He has an eye for beautiful light, background and colours. I love the photos he took, and was so impressed with how quickly he was able to get them to me. I would definitely hire him again!”

- Erica Dee Mah

Mahdi was incredible to work with and helped our family feel comfortable and at ease. He was particularly prompt in returning the fantastic digital edits and if time allows, we will definitely use his service again!
- Jennifer Freeman
I really enjoyed working with mahdi ghiasi. He is very clam and have an amazing skill in taking photos. He literally showed me how to pose for photos and his editing is next level. I wish I could have one more session with him.
- Lijo Jose
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